Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Joy of Being Chosen

You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you. John 15:16 NKJV

Only hours before His crucifixion Jesus looked around at the men who for three-and-a-half years had given up everything to follow Him and said, "It is not that you have chosen me, but that I have chosen you." This was not a statement minimizing their sacrifice but a truth to hold on to if they would weather the fast approaching storm.

Being chosen by Jesus, made them secure. Because He knew their past, nothing back there need haunt them. He saw it all from the beginning and chose them anyway. Because He knew their present, He was never surprised or disappointed by their weakness. He knew their problems better than they did and He chose them anyway. Because He knew their future, no sin they might commit, no failure, no laziness or anger or misconception on their part would ever make Him turn away. He knew these things from the beginning and He chose them anyway.

But there was more.

Being chosen meant that Jesus had a goal in mind for their life. They were chosen to bear fruit. They would never drift without purpose or direction. If in the future they felt their life was going nowhere or wondered about the meaning of it all, they could rest. He had picked them for a purpose and He will not let that purpose fall flat.

Yet, above the security and purpose involved in being chosen, there was one more privilege that outshone them all. Because they were chosen, they had direct access to God the Father. As the fruit of character and life grew inside them, they would know more what it meant to ask "in Jesus name." Using that name, they would ask and asking, they would receive.

Remembering that He had chosen them would provide security and courage in the dark hours just ahead. It was a solid rock in the coming storm. And, it can also be a rock for us. After all, we've been chosen, too.

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